Land-Based Production

Fazi company is trustworthy creator of sophisticated hi-tech casino equipment. Out dedicated team of professionals with more than 20 years of expertise on its way to becoming a global market leader in interactive games and multi-player installations. Fazi engineering team used state-of-the-art technologies to ensure high level of precision, stability and security.

Titan & Optimum

We offer two of our flagship models in the electronic roulette market worldwide. Both models offer a great possibility of customization and aesthetics according to the requirements of the clients.

Material variations

By combining materials and colors, you will harmonize the appearance with your interior and the visual identity of the casino. Absolute customization of the screen for easy use of the user interface.

Led Selections

Fazi offers a variety of lighting effects that can be used to add a little bit of flair to your Optimum and Titan device. Match materials and colors with lighting effects to achieve the best results.

Client Customization

In accordance with the requirements and needs of clients, we do full customization of both hardware and user interface. Colors, materials and LED lights matched to the aesthetics and wishes of the clients.

Titan Electronic Roulette

Fully customizable
Modular and scalable configurations
Wide range of accessories
Superior ergonomics

92 Configurations

3 PID variations

14 LED options

2 Cylinders Types

Optimum Restyle Roulette

Player tracking / Coin equipment
PCAP Touch Screen
Ticket printer
Bill acceptor/Recycler
Led Illumination

92 configurations

3 PID variations

14 LED options

2 Cylinders Types



From the first day of its existence, the Fazi company has strived to deliver the most sophisticated solutions to the electronic roulette industry. Through our development, we have offered several generations of these devices and have always strived to lead the way in technology and design of the devices themselves. Today, the Fazi company is a leader in innovation in the betting & gaming industry.

Byron - Zed - Key One - Optimum - Titan